Western Illinois University Summer Music Camp Application

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Student Information
Cell Phone Preferred.  

Give full name of instrument, e.g., alto saxophone, bass clarinet, etc. or voice, e.g., soprano, alto, none, etc.


Give full name of instrument, e.g., alto saxophone, bass clarinet, etc. or voice, e.g., soprano, alto, none etc.

Parent Information
Cell Phone Preferred.  
Camp Enrollment

Please enroll me for the following camp session(s). Check only one camp for each session.

Rocky's Youth Music Camp •  June 12-16
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  Rocky's Youth Music Camp $50.00
Youth Steel Band Camp •  June 12-16
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  Youth Steel Band Camp $50.00
Choir, String Quartet, & Jazz Combo Camps •  June 18-23
  Jr. High Choir Camp $550.00
  Sr. High Choir Camp $550.00
  String Quartet Camp $550.00
  Jazz Combo Camp $550.00
  JH/SH Live Streaming Camp $550.00
Band Camps •  June 25-30
  Jr. High Band Camp $550.00
  Sr. High Band Camp $550.00
  Marching Band Leadership Camp $550.00
Other Camp Options

Commuting (Not applicable to Youth Camps)

  • Does not stay overnight
  • No meals provided
  • Deduct $135.00

  • Does not stay overnight
  • Lunch and dinner provided
  • Deduct $65.00

T-Shirt Size (Not applicable to Youth Camps)

T-shirt size (adult sizes): 

* All overnight camps include a t-shirt at no extra charge.

Private Lessons (Not applicable to Youth Camps)

 Private lesson requested ($15.00/lesson - Pay directly to the instructor at the time of lesson.

Returning Campers

Were you in a WIU summer music camp last year?

Scholarship Information
  • Scholarship applications can be found here: Scholarship Information
  • If receiving a local scholarship (Music Boosters, Civic Organization), complete the following:
Application Information